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Finding Real Estate in Halifax

Halifax Property

Halifax is a city that is located in the north eastern part of Canada, in Nova Scotia. It is situated on the Atlantic coast and is considered to possess one of the world's most visually pleasing natural harbors. The inner harbor, called Bedford Basin, plays an important role in the maritime industries, which are essential to maintenance of the economy.

In addition to the reputable restaurants, pleasant atmosphere, and wonderful scenery, Halifax contains six colleges and universities, making this city home to many students. As a result, apartments are very important to residents of Halifax. Many students rent apartments in the city throughout the duration of their education. Halifax apartments for rent range a great deal, in both price and condition.

An individual can pay close to $2,000 a month for a high end apartment. However, there is also affordable Halifax property available. For example, an individual can locate a one bedroom apartment for roughly $500, and a two bedroom apartment for about $550. The larger the apartments are, the more they will cost to rent.

In addition to apartments, there are also houses available in Halifax. On average, an individual can expect to pay about $150,000 for a two bedroom house in this city. A two bedroom house will generally cost around $250,000, while the average cost of a three bedroom house is about $450,000. Prices will vary a great deal based upon the location of the Halifax property.

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