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An Overview of Purchasing Property


Purchasing property is a significant financial investment and involves a number of different legal documents. It is important that an individual carefully review the real estate laws in his/her state to ensure that he/she has access to all of the necessary legal documents. Before purchasing property, an individual should request to see the official title deed to that property.

This will ensure that an individual is purchasing the property from its rightful owner. An individual should also review tax receipts, to guarantee that all necessary tax payments have been made on the property. Once an individual has ensured that there are no outstanding tax payments or legal finds associated with the property, a contract can be created between him/her and the seller. A real estate contract will detail all of the terms and conditions of the transactions. In addition, if an individual needs a home mortgage loan to obtain the property, he/she will be required to authorize legal contract with his/her lender.

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