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Finding Real Estate in the Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic Real Estate

Dominican Republic real estate should be understood as being located on the larger island known geographically as Hispaniola, which also includes the political entity of the country of Haiti. In a larger context, Dominican Republic real estate can be identified as being part of the Caribbean archipelago of the Greater Antilles. Investment in Dominican Republic real estate can vary according both to economic conditions in the country and in the United States, as one of the largest sources for financial resources to be directed toward this location. From 2003 to 2010, Dominican Republic real estate was noted as changing positively and gradually in cost. Positive improvements in Dominican Republic real estate has included both newly constructed or developed areas and buildings and real estate being resold to new owners. In this regard, a major role in Dominican Republic real estate has been reserved for buyers from the United States and Canada with enough funds to purchase vacation or secondary residences. Dominican Republic real estate tends to be particularly valuable in terms of its proximity to the ocean. Concerns have been raised about the future stability of Dominican Republic real estate when compared to the economic disruptions experienced in the large buyers’ markets of the United States. Proponents for Dominican Republic real estate have pointed out that the unstable mortgage-backed securities heavily used in the United States have yet to make heavy inroads into Dominican Republic real estate, thus providing against one significant source for financial disruptions.

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