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Portland Homes for Sale

Portland Homes For Sale

If an individual is considering relocating to Oregon, he/she must first locate suitable housing within the state. There are many homes for sale in Oregon, in locations throughout the state. Therefore, an individual must first decide where he/she wants to reside.

If he/she is employed in a city center, such as Portland, he/she should locate housing within the city, or in the suburbs directly outside of the city. However, an individual can also choose to live in more rural communities or on the coast. If an individual does choose to reside within Portland, there is some basic information that he/she should understand about the homes within the city. There are a variety of Portland homes for sale, and understanding some basic information about the available housing will help an individual to narrow his/her search.

The city of Portland is divided into different quadrants, by the Willamette River and Burnside Street. The homes that are located in the North, Northeast, and Southeast portions of Portland were constructed between the years of 1890 and 1950. These are the oldest homes located within the city. The Portland homes for sale in the Southwest and Northwest part of the city are relatively new, most of which were built after the 1970's.

The average cost of a home for sale in Portland varies based upon the quadrant of the city that is being considered. For example, North Portland maintains the lowest average housing cost, at approximately $268,000. The most expensive average housing cost found within Portland occurs on the west side of the city, in an area known as Lake Oswego. An individual should expect to pay over $550,000 for a home in this area.

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