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Omaha Homes for Sale

Omaha Homes For Sale

The city of Omaha is the largest city in Nebraska. Nebraska is situated in the Midwestern region of the United States. The city has a large population of over 837,900 individuals. Omaha is the primary economic center of Nebraska, and therefore, many individuals choose to purchase Omaha homes for sale. Omaha is located on the Missouri River and the city occupies a large portion of the associated river valley. Like many cities, Omaha is separated into five distinct geographic regions. Each area contains unique aspects and offers individuals different features. In many instances, the cost of Omaha homes for sale will range depending upon the region that the home in located in. There is a great deal of socioeconomic diversity throughout these areas. In addition, some regions contain attractive historical neighborhoods, while others contain newly constructed communities.

The list price of Omaha homes for sale range greatly, however, the average asking price is about $194,200. In the neighborhood of Benson, the average asking price was around $95,400, while the average list price in Hanscom Park was roughly $98,199. The median sale price was around $170,000. There are currently thousands of Omaha homes for sale, in neighborhoods throughout the city. These homes include resale home and homes that have been newly constructed. In addition, there are hundreds of homes available that are in a state of pre-foreclosure or that have been foreclosed. An individual who is relocating to Nebraska should consider residing in Omaha, as it of

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