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Jackson Homes for Sale

Jackson Homes For Sale

Jackson in the capital city of Mississippi. It is also the most largely populated city in the state, containing roughly 184,200 individuals. The suburbs that surround the city are very popular, housing over 628,800 people. The city of Jackson has been ranked as one of the most affordable cities in the United States, and it is widely known for its reasonable housing rates.

As of September 2010, there are over 1,000 Jackson homes for sale. These homes include newly constructed homes, resale homes, and foreclosed homes. There are currently more than 100 Jackson homes for sale that are in pre-foreclosure or that have been foreclosed. On average, Jackson homes for sale are listed around $150,700. Though prices will vary significantly based on the size and condition of a home, and individual will pay relatively affordable prices for homes that would be much more expensive in other cities.

There are a large variety of Jackson homes for sale, all of which range in size, design, and condition. An individual can easily find a home listed for under $100,00 in Jackson. Many of these homes are sizable houses with three or four bedrooms and multiple bathrooms.

Most of them are also in relatively good condition. An individual who has a more extensive budget can locate exquisite homes for under $300,000. It is rare for Jackson homes for sale to exceed $350,000, and those that do are usually very large or newly constructed. In addition, there are many historical homes available in Mississippi. If an individual is looking to relocate on a budget, he/she should consider Jackson.

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