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Homes for Sale in South Carolina

Homes For Sale In South Carolina

South Carolina is a state located in the Southern portion of the United States. It is known for its southern culture, natural beauty, gorgeous architecture, and large plantations. South Carolina was one of the original thirteen colonies, and therefore, has played a large role in American history, including the American Revolution.

As a state, South Carolina maintains a median family income and a median household income that remains slightly below the national average. The median list price of real estate in South Carolina also falls below the national average. It is possible for an individual to locate an affordable home in this state, though prices will vary significantly based upon where he/she wants to acquire property. There are homes for sale in a variety of locations throughout the state.

Charleston and Columbia are two of South Carolina's major cities, and as a result, many individuals who relocate to this state choose to purchase Columbia or Charleston homes for sale. There is a great deal of variety available within these cities. An individual can locate affordable Charleston and Columbia homes for sale.

In general, in is more expensive to purchase Columbia homes for sale than it is to purchase real estate in Charleston. However, the median cost of homes in both cities is around $130,000. Nevertheless, there are a number of homes in these cities that exceed $500,000. An individual who is searching for Columbia or Charleston homes for sale will likely find property that suits his/her desires and budget.

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