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Finding Real Estate in Ecuador

Ecuador Real Estate

People interested in the subject of Ecuador real estate can refer to the fact that this county is located in South America. Further on the field of Ecuador real estate, it can be noted that Ecuador and Chile are unique among South American nations in not bordering on Brazil.

Ecuador real estate can include, as well as mainland areas, the region of the Galapagos Islands. These are located some 620 miles away from Ecuador as a whole, in a westerly direction.

Ecuador real estate has been noted for being relatively cheap and easy to purchase for outsiders. In this regard, Ecuador real estate observers have contended that beachfront Ecuador real estate can be picked up in good condition with a cost to buyers not exceeding that of $12,000.

Colonial-era Ecuador real estate, moreover, has been found to have been offered in some cases for a cost less than $25,000. Increasing the attractiveness of Ecuador real estate to outsiders, the rate of taxation in the country is low, while the nation is generally regarded as welcoming to outsiders.

In the Ecuador real estate market area, the city of Cuenca has been noted as a particularly and increasingly popular option for people to move to, and for providing an array of positive living condition factors, including well developed local infrastructure and a lack of violent crime.

Cuenca is located, as may be of interest for prospective investors or retirees considering a move, in the southern part of the county.

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